Angels, Romance and Healing


Mark Mezadourian

February 16, 2019
7:30pm - 9pm
All forms of payment accepted at the door.

A graceful angelic healing of romantic wounds is the goal of this gathering. Angels see us with unconditional love. We will adopt that perspective to welcome a shift from default reactions to empowered choices.

The core wounds that weigh down our love lives - abandonment, unworthiness and shame - are intertwined. We will untangle this web, layer by layer. First, we will establish peace by connecting our highest selves and the angels. From this relaxed space, we will acknowledge our younger selves (child and adolescent) and let the angels heal them. With discerning ears, we will listen to the stale propaganda broadcast by our critical selves, then move that voice far away from us. In this fresh atmosphere, free of the old story, we will establish a foundation for healthy partnership, rooted in our dynamic adult selves.

$30 - All forms of payment accepted at the door.