Book Signing

All Peace No Pieces

A Course in Miracles' Take on "the World"

Jackie Lora Jones

June 8, 2019
1pm - 3pm

Join A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Speaker, Global Podcast Host and Spiritual Counselor Jackie Lora Jones as she discusses spiritual concepts in her book All Peace No Pieces: A Course in Miracles’ Take on “the World”. Jackie answers the BIG question as to why it seems we can’t find permanent peace and happiness.

Jackie discusses ACIM’s keys to living more peacefully by changing our perception, healing our relationships, changing our internal teacher and the power of true forgiveness. Learn how to practically apply Course ideas in your everyday life—furthering yourself on the spiritual path and experiencing inner peace regardless of circumstances!

About Jackie

Jackie Lora Jones is a Broadcast Journalist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Counselor. Through her A Course in Miracles teachings, work in the media, and private counseling sessions, she helps people worldwide transform their lives. Jackie’s methods facilitate a connection to inner guidance and the higher Self, which the Course calls the Holy Spirit/Jesus. This inner connection results in a more peaceful & forgiving approach to the issues and challenges of everyday life leading to the awakened mind and return to Spirit/God/Perfect Oneness. Her ACIM global audio podcast “True Forgiveness Teachings” can be found at Her video podcast interviews can be found at