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Age of Aquarius Astrology Course

In ONLY 3 days to become a PRO Astrologer


October 14, 2022
Starts at 9am PST
October 14, 2022
Starts at 9am PST
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Age of Aquarius Astrology Course - Oct 14 to 16, 2022

This Modern Day Astrology Course Is Stripped Of Religious Overtones, Mythologies And Is Genderless.

This is not your textbook astrology.

In only 3 days become a PRO Astrologer, I will teach you how to access the hidden messages the stars and planets have for you! Take back control of your life, find direction, and make long lasting transformations to align with your soul’s purpose!

Leave behind unfavourable circumstances and create financial and emotional success as you discover and resolve all your current life problems.

No prior astrology knowledge is necessary.

I invite you to join this self-discovery course to align with your lucky stars and live through joy and abundance instead of living your life through tough lessons and repeatedly feeling despair and disappointment!

In addition to learning astrology, I will help you develop your intuition and connect you to the planets and stars for a deeper understanding of their roles in your life.

I invite you to let your soul thrive!!

Here’s what is included in the Age of Aquarius Astrology Course,

·         Discover the planets and stars personalities and how to use their energy to your advantage

·         Learn how to create financial and emotional successes

·         Discover what you’ve carried over from past lives and end the karmic boomerangs that keep you looping in painful life lessons!

·         And so much more

We will cover, planets, signs, houses, chart interpret. With live Q&A, quizzes & homework enhance the learning material.

Bonuses I’ve put together for you:

·         Moon Phases Guide

·         Fixed Stars Guide

·         Intuitive Development

Oct 14 to 16, 2022

9am PST | 12pm EST | 5PM BST/GMT
Approx. 4 hours live online classes


Only $450



In 2014, I was hired by the prestigious, Mystic Journey Bookstore. Surrounded by a spiritual community and enlightening books, I began studying astrology and trusting the stars and planets to guide me through very dark times in my life. I began using astrology and strengthen my natural intuitive gifts to guide clients, just like yourself, helping them steer away from unfavourable situations. BOOM, I found my true purpose, clearly visible on my natal (birth chart)! I found lifelong friendships and built my heart centric Love On Community!

The universe led me back home to London, UK, and after 30 years of being lost, I felt back in alignment with my life! I finally found my joy, my purpose and I fell back in love with my life!

Did you know all the planets and stars influence you daily and weekly from the time you are born, and help you grow through all the major stages of life?

Are you ready to discover your soul’s journey?

Are you ready to wake every day and feel in sync with your life?

DO you want to heal your past align with your bright future and know exactly how to navigate the NOW?


And remember, you are more than your Sun Sign!