Meditation: Transformation, Release, And Protection with Archangel Michael


Alexa Nicole

March 4, 2018
6pm - 8:30pm

Imagine a world free of past resentments, and hurt.

You will learn how you are never truly alone during periods of spiritual transition.

Your inner world will start to feel more free, as you begin to release outdated thought patterns with the loving assistance of Archangel Michael.

With the strong, and protective presence of Archangel Michael you will:

-Feel lighter, free, and lifted for days to come

-Free yourself of all things weighing you down

-Release people, places, and things that do not serve your path

-Understand and feel guidance from Archangel Michael

-Have a strong knowing, and feeling of Archangel Michael's protection


Alexa Nicole is a Psychic Medium, and Spiritual Teacher with a focus on inner child work, shadow work, life purpose, healing the world, people, and animals.

She is passionate about teaching, animals, art, music, and fashion.

Born and raised in Northern New Jersey experiences as early as 3 years old seeing, hearing, feeling, and sensing spirit.

Combining spirituality with practicality by connecting with the Archangels, Elementals, Ascended Masters, family, friends, and pets she lovingly assists you through your transformational healing experience.

With love and light she guides you to be the most high vibrational version of yourself

Workshop Testimonials:

“Alexa’s Archangel Michael class began with a chakra meditation which was so essential to centering us all on a Friday evening. As the sound of a gong radiated throughout the space, we were guided out of the mediation into an more awakened state, ready to go inward and journal privately. Although we had this time set to sort out our intentions individually the energy of the space and group was one.

I felt lifted, like each breath brought us closer to our higher selves and syncing up with the light and love of Archangel Michael!

As an energy healer and prayer warrior the ending affirmation has stuck with me through the past two weeks;

I am loved.

I am protected.”

“Being very new to spirituality, I didn’t know what to expect when I took Alexa’s class. As the class started, Alexa; very genuinely, greeted everyone who came in. Alexa began by introducing herself, as well as making each and everyone of us comfortable. This quality of Alexa not only made me feel comfortable, but also helped me feel vulnerable and really dive into the full experience of her class. During Alexa’s class, her passionate energy resonated with myself as well as everyone around me. Alexa’s incorporation of soft background music made the atmosphere very unified. I felt a sense synchronicity; feeling the energies flowing, Alexa shared a story. As I had my eyes closed listening to this very compelling story of a young girl, I couldn’t help but relate to the young girl’s story. This was without a doubt the most moving hour spent, not only did I learn more about myself, but Alexa challenged everyone to continue finding who we are and continue spiritual growth.”

“I went to Alexa’s class with an open mind and no expectations. Yet I was surprised at how powerful the class was. It was truly a blessing and my life is forever changed. Thank you Alexa for your courage to share, for your authenticity and pure love that connected us to the power of angels.”

“Alexa Nicole helps to guide us through our own moving and heartfelt spiritual transition, using her unique spiritual gifts to connect us all with that which is Divine in ourselves and in our universe”

“When I attended her class, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I personally have been to many events from spiritual reflecting meditation classes to huge arena entrepreneur events. The energy as soon as you enter the room was warm. She would walk around interacting with everyone so light hearted which definitely brought me comfort. The class had a little of everything, taking you from meta physical spiritualism to practical everyday life. She truly cares not only of people who want guidance but of every being in existence. If we all just listen & feel, we can all learn a lot from each other. Thank you Alexa.”

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