3-Ways to Realize Your Mathematical Genius

and Start Doing Math Intuitively

Adam Wes

August 14, 2017

Join the Bhakti Math Guru for a paradigm-shifting workshop on Intuitive Mathematics. All of mathematics can be done with a direct connection to mathematical elegance. In Intuitive Mathematics, we go beyond the equations to intuitively, and often visually, perceive the abstract truth at their source. Doing math in this way develops genuine mathematical comprehension that empowers you to do math with confidence and competence, developing the structures of your mind, improving your conceptual awareness, and enriching your subjective reality with the beauty of mathematics.

Making the paradigm shift to Intuitive Mathematics informs all of your future mathematical learning so that it is genuine and transformative. In this workshop, we cover three key principles and one central value that help you realize your mathematical genius and start doing math intuitively. On its own, this workshop is designed to show you how to make the paradigm shift to doing math intuitively. At the end of the workshop, we will also be covering how you can take it further through our ongoing programs.

This workshop is for you if you want to cultivate the structures of your mind through mathematics, increase your creativity, and develop spiritually. This includes students ages 10 and up, parents, tutors, teachers, and any other adults who are interested. There are a limited number of tickets available so it is recommended that you purchase your tickets early. You may also purchase your tickets at the door. Students between the ages of 10 and 18 who have a ticket are encouraged to have their parents attend for free.

The workshop is hosted by The Bhakti Math Guru, Adam Wes, founder of HOME (The Heart of Mathematics Education).

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More on the Benefits of Intuitive Mathematics

Realize your Mathematical Genius

Learning Intuitive Mathematics is completely different to your mundane development of mathematical ability, which is focused on the cultivation of mechanical technique. It goes to the heart of mathematics, helping inform all the mathematics that you do. It is not particularly concerned with peripheral topics in mathematics and instead addresses the essence and foundation of mathematics so that all the mathematics you learn is empowered by truth and the direct perception of mathematical elegance. The key mathematical benefit that you experience by learning Intuitive Mathematics is that you are directly cultivating the abstract structures of your mind in a way that is integrated with your whole being. And this helps you realize your mathematical genius!

Spiritual Development

Intuitive Mathematics helps you develop spiritually and become more conscious, wise, and loving. The way you do anything is the way you do everything. Karma is a Sanskrit word for action. In yoga, the principle of karma means that what you do makes you who you are. Doing math at the level of Intuitive Mathematics helps you not just learn math with an amazing degree of comprehension, but also helps transforms your entire being, making you a whole, well-rounded individuals who embodies intelligence, wisdom, and love. Doing math in this way, with this degree of intelligence and creativity, changes the way you do everything because it changes who you are being! This is not just about a skill, this is about becoming a more conscious person. Isn't that what education is about? Intuitive Mathematics helps you see what it means to learn transformatively, to think deeply, to accept yourself, to accept others, to be creative, and to be true to yourself.

Other Benefits

The central benefits of Intuitive Mathematics are realizing your mathematical genius and becoming a more integrated and conscious individual. In addition to these central benefits, there are a number of other benefits to learning math intuitively.

Easier to Retain: When you genuinely comprehend the source of the mathematics you learn, you undergo a paradigmatic transformation of your mind that lasts.

More Fun and Rewarding: When you get in touch with the reality of mathematics described by the numbers, symbols, and equations that are the language of mathematics, you experience another dimension of magic and beauty that can awaken a latent inspiration in even the least enthusiastic person.

Enriches Your Subjective Reality: By expanding your conceptual awareness of mathematical elegance, you enrich your subjective experience and therefore your entire experience of life. The universe is more beautiful when viewed with the added dimension of mathematics.

Novel Application is Natural: By learning mathematics beyond the limited context of calculation and application and by going to the heart of mathematical concepts, you can apply your knowledge to novel situations. Life does not present you with a textbook of the same type of math question over and over. Life presents you with things that are new and unfamiliar. These opportunities require genuine comprehension for an effective application of mathematics.

Empowers Your Creativity: With a new degree of insight and a greater ability to perceive possibility given to you by genuine mathematical comprehension, you empower your creativity in science, engineering, business, art, and everything!

Accelerates Your Learning: By learning math intuitively, you make rapid progress in math because you are actually doing the work and not just superficially memorizing equations and mechanical techniques.

Confidence in What You Know: With the conceptual integrity achieved when you see how all the math you know is connected all the way down to the very foundations, you become your own authority on the subject, and can study and apply the math you know with confidence and skill.

Independent Exploration: As your own authority on the subject, you can venture into uncharted territory and expand your mathematical knowledge independently.

HOME Students

Homeschooling Students

HOME (The Heart of Mathematics Education) works with homeschooling students of all ages (K-12) in the Los Angeles area who want to incorporate genuine mathematical comprehension into their curriculum. Homeschooling students can work with us privately or attend our classes. We teach all the math you need to learn, just with us, you go beyond memorization and mechanical technique and get to see into the heart of the topics you learn.

Non-Homeschooling Students

HOME works with private and public school student of all ages (K-12 and college) who want to take their mathematical knowledge to the next level. Our programs act as an outstanding compliment to the math you learn in school. Anything you learn in school can be learned more deeply and genuinely. Don't just learn to get answers: become the math, embody it!


HOME works with adults who want to become more confident and competent in mathematics. Many feel that they are not good at math and never will be, but HOME changes that! When you learn math intuitively, you give yourself the opportunity to access your entire aptitude for mathematics. Intuitive Mathematics provides you with conceptual integrity, meaning it helps you attain an incontrovertible confidence in the math you know because you comprehend it as a description of the nature of abstraction and not just something you accept as true. This results in you being confident and clear.

Mystics, Yogis, Meditators, and Spiritual Seekers

HOME works with those who seek to become more conscious. Many of the great mathematicians and physicists in history were also mystics.

Teachers, Tutors, and Homeschooling Parents

HOME works with teachers, tutors, and homeschooling parents who want to bring a greater degree of genuine comprehension to their classes and sessions, as well as to their own study of mathematics. Much of what we teach is not available in our culture's general mathematical knowledge base. By attending our classes, you can give your students deep insights that demystify mathematics and empower them to pursue mathematics with confidence and competence, and with the joy of genuine discovery.

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