Book Signing

108 Ways to Embody Your Magnificence


Dr. Sue Morter

May 16, 2018
6:30pm - 8:30pm

It is easy to become caught up in the outer world of stresses and misunderstandings and react as though they are true and inevitable. Dr. Sue Morter, International speaker, Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine and Quantum Field visionary, offers ways to manage those stresses and discover how simple shifts in perspective have the power to change your life in her book, “108 Ways to Embody Your Magnificence.” Using simple and short recommendations, learn how to shift your perspective into complete empowerment, one message at a time in this fun, deeply revealing, open-to-any page guide to manifesting a deeper truth of who we are.


International speaker, Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine, and Quantum Field visionary, Dr. Sue redirects the flow of energy patterns in the body to activate full human potential. Through her seminars, retreats and presentations, she illuminates the relationships of quantum science and energy medicine, as well as the elevation of human consciousness and life mastery

Dr. Sue draws from her experience of over 30 years both as a doctor and as a facilitator of groups and individuals interested in natural healing and a better life. She also shares her developments from a perspective drawn from a life-changing awakening during ancient meditation practices. Her globally taught Energy Codes® coursework teaches individuals how to clear subconscious memory blockages and how to master the energetics of their lives.

Dr. Sue is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and is founder of the Morter Institute for Bio-Energetics, an organization committed to teaching individuals self-healing techniques and a new approach to life based on Quantum Science.

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